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LIYY Flexible DATA Cable, Multi-core LIYY/LIHH

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LIYY Flexible DATA Cable, Multi-core LIYY/LIHH


  Product Information
Brand  :    KMCABLE
Product Name :     LIYY Flexible DATA Cable, Multi-core LIYY/LIHH, RVV Cable, RVV cable
Application  :    Cables designated as LiYY are unscreened flame-retardant multicore PVC cables for indoor signal and data transmission in indoor industrial applications such as computer systems, measuring equipment and process control devices in offices, laboratories and production lines under low mechanical and tensile stress. This range is particularly well suited to applications requiring a cable with a small overall diameter.

Flexible control cable (LIYY cable) used for signaling and control of static or mobile devices in industry, electric plants or offices. Armor of braided steel wires serves as protection against electromagnetic impacts and control disturbances, and also increases resistance against transversal mechanical loads.

  • Used for fixed or limitedly mobile installations (not permanently mobile) without tensile loads.
  • Laid in dry or damp premises, Outdoor application only under protection against UV-irradiation.
  • Not intended for laying in ground or water.
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The LiYY Cable is available with twisted pairs configuration. Twisted pairs (TP) are used to cancel out any electromagnetic interference from external sources or crosstalk from neighbouring pairs.

Alternatively, KMCable supplies a comprehensive range of LiYCY, with an overall tinned copper braid screen which offers protection against mechanical stress as well as external electromagnetic interference. For all types of European automation cable there are low smoke zero halogen variations including LiHH and LiHCH.

LiYY cable selection

The LiYY cables form part of KMCable’ comprehensive range of control cables alongside  YY CY cables and are specified alongside other industrial automation cables. For advice on cable selection, LiYY core colour and sizes, please see the LiYY datasheet or contact our technical team to discuss the requirements of your specific application.


  Product Mix


Conductor     Bare copper,from 0,5 mm² to DIN VDE 0295 cl.5, fine-wire, BS 6360 cl.5, IEC 60228 cl.5 liyy lihh liycy cable
Conductor construction     0,14 mm² = 18×0,1 mm

0,25 mm² = 14×0,15 mm

0,34 mm² = 7×0,25 mm

Core insulation     Special PVC
Core identification     DIN 47100,without colour repetition
Outer sheath     Special PVC
Sheath colour     Grey
Packaging     Meter marking
Halogen-free – Halogen-free according to DIN VDE
halogen-free HI2 insulation, halogen-free HM2 sheath
– LiHH 300/500V Data Cable DIN VDE 0812


  Technical Parameter 
Temperature range     -5 °C up to +50 °C

fixed installed: -30 °C up to +70 °C
Nominal voltage     U0 /U = 300/500 V
Test voltage     to min. 4000 V
Insulation resistance     to min. 20 M x km
Minimal inner bending radius     (D = external cable diameter)

 fixed installed: 6D
at application with bending: 20D
Behaviour in fire     Flame retardant (self-extinguishing) cable acc. to IEC 60332-1 / EN 60332-1 (earlier EN 50265-2- 1) / VDE 0482-332-1


  Product Details

liyy Cable, lihh liycy cable

liyy cable,flexible control cable liyy lihh liycy cable liyy lihh liycy cable

liyy lihh liycy cable



























































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liyy cable, flexible control cable






Nominal voltage U0/U


Temperature (°C) - flexing

-5 to +80℃





Temperature (°C) - fixed

-40 to +80℃





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