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Innovations in cable assembly industry

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cable assembly research and innovation

Uncertainty in the cable assembly industry

The cable assembly industry has rebounded after a challenging pandemic year. Every market depends on these critical connectivity components, but some headwinds remain in the complex global electronics industry.

KMcable keeps closed relationship with with Xi’an university, where we work on how to resolve the pain-point of the industry. As a result, every year, 2 or 3 kinds of new products are developed from here and hit the product line.

Now, KMCable will showcase the next step in the digitization of manufacturing and introduce the “Smart Factory”. With the virtual reality application, visitors can simulate different production parameters and environment of the application.

Our works on Cable Assembly Innovations

Flexibility, efficiency and digitization, which is industry 4.0 – the current subject of manufacturing industry. Due to the linking on all levels of the production process, amelioration with regard to productivity and flexibility may result. As a consequence, cables, especially for machine construction, robotics or railway techniques, are subject to harsh environment. These cables get in contact with different chemicals or oils, which can cause molecular damage on the cable insulation and jacketing.

When oil is absorbed, it causes severe swelling and softening of the compound resulting in degradation of tensile properties. When the oil causes diffusion of the compound plasticize, hardening will result and all flexibility and elongation properties are lost.  In short, oil attacks the insulating compound, where it will become virtually ineffective in its primary role as an effective insulator.

This action can create a possibly very hazardous situation, not only to human life, but also to the overall function of the industrial machinery to which it is connected. This results in very expensive downtime, costly repair and in the worst-case scenario, entire replacement of the machine.

Awareness of oil damage has been on the upswing in recent years, thanks to better characteristics in renewable energy, automotive assembly and other production facilities.  Fortunately, there are cables that have been designed from us to resist the effects of cooling and lubricating oils.

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